Andrew Falconer

Gym Manager

Personal Trainer

Injury Specialist

I have enjoyed sport and fitness all my life, in particular rugby, ju-jitsu, cage fighting, powerlifting and more recently bodybuilding.

Being an injury specialist I have great knowledge regarding various types of sporting injuries. By looking at the body for a muscle imbalances and postural defects e.g. when squatting your knees going in or out, rounding of shoulders, back arching and many more, I can correct this with personalised training programmes and training.

Knowing how the body works I can pin point an injury and see what is causes it and fix the problem.

It gives me great pleasure training and keeping clients motivated to achieve their fitness goals, preventing injury and helping with recovery and getting clients get back to work, sport or exercising from an injury. I love my job!

Philip Mawhinney

Personal Trainer

I started my love for sport and fitness at the early age of 8 when I joined Larne Colts FC. I was always the sporty outdoors type from a young age.
I’ve been playing competitive football since I was 8, but I’ve always had a love for all sports. I play 1st XI cricket for Larne CC and also play golf regularly at Greenacres Golf Centre.

My love for weight lifting came when I joined Just Active three years ago when it was just a few weights in a garage and I’ve loved seeing it grow to what it has become now.

I love taking classes and watching people challenge themselves to the limit, it actually helps me push myself that little bit more when training on my own. Also there’s something satisfying about watching someone do a wall sit!!

Jacque Hood

Personal Trainer

I discovered the fitness lifestyle 5 years ago after I was involved in a car accident. I knew at this point I had to do something to make my body stronger as I wasn’t getting any younger. I developed the aspiration for training which led me to become a Personal Trainer. My main love is for Spinning and I regularly help organise charity Spinathons for Cancer Focus.

In March 2014 I competed in Northern Ireland Fitness Model Association (NIFMA) where I won Miss Ireland Over 40’s Formal and Bikini categories. This was my main introduction to the weight lifting scene.

I participated in Gymfit at Abbey Gymnastics in Belfast several times a week. This adult gymnastics class helped improve my core strength and flexibility where I am steadily progressing towards my free standing handstand! I have also recently taken up CrossFit which is helping me take my fitness training in a completely new direction.

Vincent McCorry

Personal Trainer

I believe fitness and a healthy lifestyle to be one of, if not the most important part of maximizing your potential as a person. To be fit and healthy has always been my number one priority.

The sport of MMA attracted me because of the individual drive needed to compete, if you aren’t fit in the cage you’ll have more than a set of scales to answer to! I compete between 70kg and 77kg and have ambitions to turn pro though as an amateur competitor I train 6 days a week and often twice or more per day.

Ask me anything you want in the gym and I’ll share my knowledge. Ask me for help and I’ll go the extra mile. I’m here for your benefit and I’ll strive to help you reach your potential!

Jack Ringland

Personal Trainer

Jack Ringland

Personal Trainer

I have enjoyed sport and fitness all my life, particularly rugby,Rowing, Athletics and, more recently, Bodybuilding.
My first taste of competitive sport was in rugby as i have been playing it since the age of 7. I played rugby from the age of 7 right up to the age of 19 school and club level. I became a keen competitor for my School for district championships in athletics for sprinting, Javelin and Relay and making it to Ulster level in Discus. Also rowing in the All Ireland championships for Cairndhu. I have always tried to do a variety of sports to challenge myself at every level, mind and body.
I have always had an interest in biology and the way the body works, which gave me a keen interest in becoming a Fitness Instructor. I take great pleasure in training myself and other people to see the results that they can achieve. Having a few injuries myself from sports i know how to work around certain injuries and not to let it prevent training all together. Everything can be worked around, never forgotten about.
I have been training for years and have experience in bodybuilding, various sports and sports related fitness.

Danny McDonagh

Personal Trainer

I have been involved in sports and fitness my whole life. From playing Football as a kid and Boxing in my early teens, I then found a love for Weightlifting later in my teens.

My passion for Weightlifting was to last for a number of years and I was able to gain a great amount of mass and strength, but for me it wasn’t sustainable so I branched out and started to train in Mixed Martial Arts where I have been competing for the last number of years.

MMA opened up a whole new world to me, I have been fortunate enough to train with some of the best athletes and coaches in the country and as a result have attained a great amount of knowledge. I know not only how to build a great physique, but how to prepare the body to function at its full potential. Working with me you will improve your Strength, Power, Endurance, Speed, Mobility, Flexibility, Balance and Co-ordination.

Adam Lusty

Personal Trainer

Adam is a very Motivational, Fun loving, energetic Trainer who greatly enjoys helping others and new challanges whether they are Life, fitness or client related.

Adam has Played rugby for Carrickfergus Rugby Club at Maxi level all the up to senior level. He excelled in the later years of his ruggers career to be picked to play for Ulster U16’s and Ulster U18’s to which he had to unfortunately stop due to a repetitive injury.

For obvious reasons, after he ended rugby he had to channel all of his built up energy into something constructive, this is when he took a new liking to the gym and an array of other sports such as MMA, Boxing, Crossfit, Olympic weightlifting and well pretty much what ever sport you could throw his way he would try.

Since then he has grown his knowledge through a keen interest in fitness and wellbeing, which lead him to getting qualified to teach others how to get fit and look after themselves for the long-term. This is not the end to His story though, he will continue to gain knew knowledge and transfer it into his sessions to better the lives of his clients (or anybody who needs his help for that matter)

Fitness Instructors

Leigh Snoddy
Leigh Snoddy
This is Leigh. She has a very sporty background including hockey and rowing.. Her favourite exercise is burpees…
Debbie Logan
Debbie Logan
Meet Debbie. She is bubbly and brings plenty of fun to her workouts. She is also one of our fantastic kids’ coaches at Just Active.

Ken Falconer – Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach and Peak Performance Trainer

All my life I have been interested in people, perception and how we react to any given situation or stimuli.   Our attitude to life itself depends on our Mindset, and this Mindset actually determines how we feel.  We are what we think. I facilitate change, so what do you want to change?

Are you held back by your own self confidence and belief systems?  All top athletes have peak performance coaching.  Why train the body regularly and to exhaustion to improve your skills if the mind is not in the right place.  Only when your Mindset is correct will you reach your true potential.

Our thought patterns can cause many issues like depression, panic attacks, stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, fears, phobias and all the physical symptoms associated, treated by doctors all over the country.  I specialise in the release of these issues and by treating the problem at source or root cause the symptoms disappear.

Issues like Depression and Panic can be assisted, or completely removed completely in as little as two sessions.  Habits and addictions from smoking to gambling and heavy drug use are all addressed in total confidence.  Fears, phobias, anger and anxiety hold many back, but can be addressed efficiently and effectively giving the client back control.


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